Fluke Two-Pole Voltage Tester

Cashback action

Thank you for your purchase of a Fluke Tool.

We appreciate your choice for our brand.
Follow the steps explained on this website to claim your cashback.
Please have your proof of purchase at hand.
You will need to provide Fluke with this information.

Cashback program lasts until 31 December 2019
Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions

  • Within the following terms and conditions “Fluke” refers to Fluke Europe BV or, as the context permits, its affiliated entities
  • These terms and conditions relate to the Fluke promotional action “Upgrade your Two-pole Voltage and Continuity tester and get a cashback”
  • Proof of purchase is required to make a claim on this promotional action. The proof of purchase requirement is a purchase invoice for the Fluke T110, T130 or T150 from a Fluke authorized distributor issued between June1st 2019 and December 31st 2019. Invoices with dates outside this period are not valid and will not be considered.
  • Fluke will accept claims until 1st March 2020 provided that the invoice/proof of purchase meets the previous criteria. Registrations received after this date will be rejected as invalid.
  • The online registration form, to be accessed via http://www.flukepromotions.com/gben/1002104 must be fully completed and submitted along with a scanned copy of the invoice for a Fluke Two-pole Voltage and Continuity Tester as proof of purchase. Proof of purchase of new equipment, bank account details document, are required to obtain the cashback.
The cashback amounts will be:

£7   Cashback On your purchase of a Fluke T110
£11 Cashback On your purchase of a Fluke T130
£19 Cashback On your purchase of a Fluke T150

  • The customer must also submit bank account details for the payment to be made. Proof will be required that the bank account provided for the payment is the bank account of the customer (such as copies of bank statements, VAT or other tax registration or tax return or other document, dependent on country). The document confirming the bank account details is requested to be submitted when filling in the online registration form mentioned above.
  • After confirmation of the customer registration by Fluke it may take up to 8 weeks for the cashback to be paid. If Fluke determines that the customer’s claim does not meet the terms and conditions, the customer will be advised. Payment is only made by means of money transfer; sufficient bank details to enable payment must be submitted.
  • This promotion is only valid in United Kingdom and Ireland. It does not apply where it is prohibited or taxed or otherwise restricted.
  • In case of non-receipt of the cashback, Fluke asks the participants to notify Fluke before 15 March 2020. If not, it is at the discretion of Fluke whether or not to satisfy submitted claims.
  • The cashback cannot be offset against other services or purchases or combined with any special offers, promotions or contracts.
  • Fluke reserves the right to change or withdraw this promotion at any time without notice.
  • This promotion is exclusively for end users purchasing Fluke products. Distributors, resellers, agents, wholesalers and Fluke employees are excluded from this promotion.
  • This cashback promotion is not applicable by law to the following: employees of a government or agency or a public international organization; persons acting in an official capacity for or on behalf of such government agency or organization; employees of companies owned by the government or under government control; persons who represent a political party, party officials and candidates.
  • By participating in the Fluke Upgrade your Two-pole voltage and continuity and get a cashback action persons who act on behalf of the company making the cashback claim confirm they understand that Fluke tools are purchased on behalf of the company and agree to the cashback policy related to this action which is a transaction on behalf of the company. The individual agrees to submit proof of the payment to the company if required. The individual agrees to provide the correct company bank details for payment of the cashback amount. If such an account does not exist, then the buyer undertakes to make payment to the company by other means to the contracting company. The recipient is responsible for payment of corporation, income or related taxes and contributions.

Contact us:

Address information:Fluke (UK) Ltd.
52 Hurricane Way
Norfolk, NR6 6JB
United Kingdom
Phone number:(020) 7942 0700
Fax number:(020) 7942 0701
Email address:industrial@uk.fluke.nl

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